Conference Agenda


Tuesday, 27th February


    Session 1 - Marine INP
    Session Chair: Erik Thomson
08:00 P. DeMott (invited)  Ice nucleation by marine aerosols: from the laboratory to the ocean and across hemispheres
08:40 A. Welti        Ship based observations of INP concentrations in different parts of the world
09:00 N. Borduas-Dedekind Dissolved organic matter can be ice nucleating particles in immersion freezing                                                            
09:20 J. Vergara-Temprado   Ice nucleation plays a critical role in the Southern Ocean radiation bias
09:40 L. Ickes        How important are marine INP for Arctic mixed-phase clouds?
    Session 2 - Clouds
    Session Chair: Hassan Beydoun
10:30 C. Hoose (invited) Quantifying the partitioning of primary ice formation into different ice nucleation modes in cloud-resolving simulations with laboratory-based INP parameterizations
11:10 Y. Rudich Assessing the importance of primary and secondary ice processes in glaciating clouds
11:30 A. Ansmann Role of ground-based active remote sensing (lidar, radar) in studies of the evolution of mixed-phase clouds with focus on heterogeneous ice nucleation
11:50 M. Krämer Analyzing Mid-Latitude and Arctic Cirrus Clouds by means of the large scale Lagrangian model CLaMS-Ice
12:10 E. Jensen

Heterogeneous ice nucleation in the tropical tropopause layer

    Session 3 - Freezing Modes & Fundamentals
    Session Chair: Luisa Ickes & Donifan Barahona
14:00 Z. Kanji (invited) Quantifying and Understanding INPs: An Integrated Laboratory and Field Approach
14:40 R. David Pore freezing in the Atmosphere: Using Functionalized Mesoporous Silica to investigate Pore Condensation and Freezing
15:00 J. Campbell Ice nucleation in pores: from confinement to bulk


Wednesday, 28th February


    Session 3 - Freezing Modes & Fundamentals
    Session Chair: Luisa Ickes & Donifan Barahona
08:00 A. Kiselev Towards understanding contact freezing of supercooled water drops Towards understanding contact freezing of supercooled water drops
08:20 O. Pakarinen Heterogeneous Ice Nucleation in Confined Geometry
08:40 E. Thomson Deliquescence and Ice Nucleation at near- and sub- Eutectic Temperatures
09:00 D. Barahona Dynamic controls to the ice nucleation rate in immersion freezing
    Session 4 - Arctic INP & Bio-INP 
    Session Chair: Jesus Vergara-Temprado

L. Ickes (A. Ekmans)

Ice nucleation in mixed-phase Arctic clouds: large-eddy simulation of observed case studies
10:30 A. Bertram Ice Nucleating Particles in the Canadian Arctic
10:50 T. Koop Ice Nucleation and Ice Growth Inhibition by Water Soluble Macromolecules
11:10 B. Murray Biogenic material dominates the INP population in N.W. Europe at temperatures above -20°C
11:30 A. Kunert Highly active, stable, and cell-free fungal ice nuclei are widespread among Fusarium spp.
11:50 H. Grothe Birch leaves and branches as a source of ice‑nucleating macromolecules
12:10 T. Santl-Temkiv     The mechanisms of bacterial ice-nucleation activity and the effects of aerosolization on Pseudomonas syringae R10.79


Thursday, 1st March


    Session 5 - Mineral Dust/Lab   
    Session Chair: Nicholas Marsden
08:00 N. Hiranuma (invited) A comprehensive laboratory study on the immersion freezing behavior of INUIT calibrants: lessons learned and future research directions
08:40 A. Kumar Increase in ice nucleation efficiency of feldspars, kaolinite and mica in dilute NH3 and NH4+ -containing solutions
09:20 O. Möhler AIDA ice nucleation research: new findings and developments during the INUIT project
09:20 M. Szakáll Immersion and contact freezing experiments in the Mainz vertical wind tunnel laboratory
09:20 B. Cvetkovic Modeling heterogeneous ice nucleation due to mineral dust using Dust Regional Atmospheric Model (DREAM-NMME)
    Session 6 - In-Situ Measurements
    Session Chair: André Welti

D. Cziczo (invited)

In Situ Characterization of Ice Nucleating Particles: Findings, Uncertainties and Next Steps
11:10 J. Schneider Measurements of ice nucleating particles and ice residuals from mixed phase clouds at the High Alpine Research Station Jungfraujoch – What have we learned from the INUIT experiments?
11:30 E. Gute Overcoming Limits of Detection with the Portable Ambient Particle Concentrator (PAPC) during CLACE/INUIT 2017
11:50 L. Lacher Free tropospheric INP concentrations at mixed-phase cloud conditions
12:10 D. Weber (H. Bingemer) Flux measurements on top of the research station Jungfraujoch in  Switzerland
14:00 W. Schledewitz Flux measurements on top of the research station Jungfraujoch in Switzerland

Session 7 - Anthrop. INP/Soot

    Session Chair: Isabelle Steinke
14:20 H. Wex Ice nucleating particle concentrations in Beijing, China, during clean and polluted conditions
14:40 F. Mahrt How morphological features influence the ice nucleation ability of soot particles
15:00 M. Adams Combustion aerosol an unimportant INP source during a major combustion event
15:20 L. Nichman Ice formation via deposition nucleation on black carbon agglomerates in continuous flow diffusion chamber experiments

B. Murray

+ J. Curtius

concluding remarks