Conference Posters


Abstracts Session 2: Clouds         


Hassan Beydoun      
A utilitarian heterogeneous ice nucleation parameterization and its application in a 3D cloud resolving model
Karoline Diehl  
Model simulations with COSMO-SPECS: Impact of heterogeneous freezing modes and ice nucleating particle types on precipitation in a deep convective cloud.
Rachel Hawker       
Interactions between heterogeneous ice nucleation and the Hallett Mossop process in dust-laden tropical convective clouds.
Martina Krämer       
Ice particles over the Asian Monsoon: observations during the field campaign StratoClim 2017
Martin Radenz  
DACAPO-PESO: Towards the first long-term ground-based remote-sensing dataset of aerosols and clouds in the southern hemispheric mid-latitudes.
Tobias Schorr    
Finding the right seeding aerosol for Arctic winter cirrus cloud thinning
Jörg Wieder
Cloud Particle Investigation using a High-Speed Particle Phase Discriminator


Abstracts Session 3: Freezing Modes & Fundamantals         


Franco Belosi  
Influence Of Supersaturation On The Concentration Of Ice Nucleating Particles
Anna Kunert 
TINA: Twin-plate ice nucleation assay with infrared detection for high-throughput droplet freezing experiments
Golnaz Roudsari  
Heterogeneous Ice Nucleation by Mineral Dusts in Mixed Phased Clouds: Molecular Dynamics Simulations
Robert Wagner
Heterogeneous Ice Nucleation Ability of Sea Salt Aerosol Particles at Cirrus Temperatures
Assaf Zipori
Stochastic freezing via the immersion nucleation mode


Abstracts Session 4: Arctic INP & Bio INP    


Elias Anastassopoulos
An innovative technological platform suitable for measuring the ice nucleation activity of bioaerosols.
Markus Hartmann
Present-day observations of Ice Nucleating Particles in the high Arctic and their variation over the past 500 years
Claudia Mignani
A case study of biological ice nucleating particles in northern Norway: From source to ice precipitation
Isabelle Steinke   
Immersion freezing properties of complex biological aerosols derived from plants



Abstracts Session 5: Mineral Dust/Lab       


Alice Keinert
Heterogeneous ice nucleation on feldspar: comparison of freezing
Nicholas Marsden
Online measurement of mineralogy and mixing state of laboratory suspended North African soil samples using single-particle mass spectrometry
Naama Reicher
Immersion freezing efficiency of airborne mineral dust at various size-classes
Romy Ulrich-Fösig
Ice Nucleation Ability of Soil Dust Aerosols with Different Mineralogical Composition
Nsikanabasi Umo
Ice-nucleating properties of volcanic ashes from volcanoes with distinct eruption processes



Abstracts Session 6: In-situ measurements        


Hans-Christian Clemen    
Chemical analysis of ice particle residuals from mixed-phase clouds with the single particle mass spectrometer ALABAMA
Stine Eriksen Hammer 
Chemical characterisation of ice particle residuals sampled from mixed phased clouds at the high altitude research station Jungfraujoch by scanning electron microscopy
Alex Harrison     
Long range transported desert dust and marine ice nucleating particles at Ragged Point, Barbados
Kristina Höhler  
Atmospheric Ice Nucleating Particle Concentration Measurements in the Mediterranean
Rebecca Kohl 
In-situ measurements of ice nucleating particles with FINCH
Stephan Mertes
Experimental operation mode verification of the coupling between ice nuclei counter and a pumped counterflow virtual impactor devised for aerosol property measurements of ice nucleating particles
Stephan Mertes
Characterization of ice particles residuals from mixed-phase clouds at the high alpine research station Jungfraujoch to infer aerosol properties of ice nucleating particles inside real clouds
Jann Schrod
Ice nucleating particles over the Eastern Mediterranean measured by unmanned aircraft systems
Jann Schrod
Long-term observations from a novel globally operating INP network 
Daniel Weber
Immersion freezing tops deposition freezing
André Welti
Temperature spectra of ambient ice nuclei concentration


Abstracts Session 7: Antrop. INP/Soot   


Sarah Grawe
HImmersion freezing potential of anhydrous CaSO4 and the impact of the anhydrite – gypsum conversion for immersion freezing measurements with coal fly ash
Claire Pirim
nvestigating the ice nucleation properties of airplane soot surrogates by optical and vibrational spectroscopy